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chicago and while the city may have canceled its traditional fireworks on the third the show goes on in many suburbs. >> gaynor hall is live with tonight's top story. >> no july 3rd fireworks show hosted by the city of chicago this year leaving many families searching for alternatives to celebrate right here in this
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city where fireworks are scheduled to start just about 50 minutes. a crowd of people gathering tonight at the annual fourth of july celebration with live music and fireworks. this is much better than having to downtown chicago. last year we could not even get over there it was so congested, no place to park. >> fireworks are illegal in chicago but that does not stop people from heading to indiana to stock up. roman candles, a bottle rockets
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and firecrackers. >> victor morales and his wife are planning to put on a show for their kids in the backyard. it is very dangerous to set off your own fireworks even hand- held sparklers get extremely hostile please be careful as you celebrate this fourth of july holiday several suburbs around the chicago area hosting fireworks shows tonight and tomorrow night and we are in good princessposition waiting for this one. >> a reminder fireworks and illinois are illegal in wii to urge caution if you do go ahead and a reminder tomorrow the fireworks here can be seen on channel 9. chicago summer blast
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with reports from navy pier, the fun starts tomorrow night at 9:30 p.m. here on wgn. >> chicago man accused of trying to adopt a young child alike friend beach is being held without bail. he is charged with attempted aggravated kidnapping of a child under 13 years old and unlawful restraint. he snatched the two year-old boy yesterday at the north avenue beach the boy's father pulled his son back. >> i turned around and the guy had my kids in his arms.
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at a bond hearing today he was ordered held without bail because his prior convictions including aggravated criminal sexual assault of a victim under the age of seven. >> state troopers actions likely saved a group of people but left him injured in the process it happened at around 830 this morning when the officer pulled up behind the disabled car on the shoulder of the westbound eisenhower while he was waiting to see the occupant in the car and car slammed into the troopers patrol car. >> local investigators say the officers injuries were minor. >> the pickup truck weber in
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collided with a freight train locomotives, the driver was driving under the influence when he slammed a truck into the locomotive as it crossed the road just north of durban park, the male driver happened female passenger were both trapped in the truck after that crash. the driver was cited for dui. >> a car chase ended with crashed and shots fired on the south side. it happened at about 1:00 this morning police say the government and one car was chasing another driver down 87 straight the second car turned on to a stoney island and crashed into another vehicle. someone from the first car fired shots into the man in the second car was hit in the shoulder and is now hospitalized in good condition, police have made no arrests pierre >> we have a happy ending tonight to a store we told about one week ago, a stolen therapy dog is back home again. the stolen dog is h. waller
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named peter he worked with a nine year-old who has severe autism the dog helps avoid eat and this week a wgn viewer donated the money to buy another dog for marriott now the two of a puppy named oliver. alden said that she had few that. his mother called the police said that she arrested betty and returned p not to his rightful owner. she is now charged with theft of miss lake property. >> another happy ending for this e-mail 70 lb. tortoise stolen from an exotic animal store in lincolnwood, the third year-old was found this morning walked away and the store, the owner says that he believes all of the media attention to the story prompted them to let her loose the taurus is a little freaked
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out but otherwise healthy. they thought they saw the stolen taurus as far away as florida appeared >> of fiery speech from the vice-president in chicago today, >> also thousands of gallons of crude oil into the yellowstone river. if are you are you planning a barbecue for to mark? we will have the forecast and all the details next.
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with resolve deep clean powder. its moist powder penetrates deep, removing three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while also neutralizing odors at their source. it's a clean you can see smell, and really enjoy. resolve deep clean powder. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. >> vice-president joe biden was in town today addressing the gathering of the national education association and expressing the obama administration's support for educators hoping to keep their blessing as the 2012 campaign continues to gear up. >> one day before their expected vote on a presidential endorsement, vice president joe biden spoke to the national education association today an
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assembly that includes delegates from 10,000 local unions with more. >> were not for the inspiration of love and guidance of at least one or two of our teachers. >> his 30 minute address was part of a repeatedly attacking the republican party in front of an audience that spent $50 million during the last presidential contest to support president barack obama. the gop does not see a quality education as a vehicle to a better future. >> we can either afford it or that it should be deemed priority this new republican party emphasized this new republican party has a different philosophy, this is not your father's republican party. >> biden says education is about more than just what is in the classroom, it is about social
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equality economic opportunity and the concentration of wealth. some of the reforms have rankled educators but the administration will always fight for and alongside teachers. >> i respect this agreement we have. and not all of it are you wrong about. some of you are. it you are. but this is more a fight within the family. >> the vice president also touched on union issues highlighting their recent collective bargaining fight in wisconsin, he says organized labor is facing its most direct assault right now since the 1920's. >> in chicago today the outspoken civil-rights activist doug to the dean of the civil-
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rights movement showed that he also had a sense of humor. rev. dr. josef spoke at st. sebinah today and is also promoting his new book singing the lord's song and a new land. in 2009 he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom today he sang with the faithful and signed copies of his book appeared, as many of 1,000 bar. of crude oil have spilled into the yellowstone river near billings montana it is the result of a pipeline rupture the was discovered yesterday morning and an exxon mobile leader says the league is contained to a 10 mi. stretch of the rubber but the governor of montana says that may be larger.
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exxon officials say there were no indications that there was a problem with the pipeline before the leak and they're not sure what caused it. >> state of emergency is lifted in new mexico, wildfires have posed a threat to a nuclear facility but the wind shifted and so did the flames. now the fire is no longer direct threat the lab has not said when it will reopen, about 10,000 people evacuated from their homes are now being allowed to go home. >> after hours of closing arguments the defense has rested in the first degree murder case against casey and they, they wrapped up with a one hourlong presentation focusing mostly on reasonable doubt, the closing was at times combative prompting the judge to consider contempt charges against both sides anthony's defense attorney blasted the prosecutor for and inappropriate reaction. >> it get up here and lie all you want and dance around the
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truth but the truth is the truth and depending on who is asking the question is whether it is this a laughing guy right here or myself. >> approach the bench. >> after the defense closing the judge decided that he and the jury had had enough for one day and ordered that the prosecution's rebuttal argument wait until tomorrow. >> a new layout and the new focus for this year's taste of chicago, talking with lenders and visitors about what worked and what didn't at the food festival. >> good news for the garfield park conservatory, damaging hailstorms after this week.
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cleans your toilet and freshens your bathroom with every flush. so it's always at its freshest. 3q fireworks have just begun. another taste of chicago has come to an end. paul lisnek wet behind the scene as the food festivals final day was getting under way. >> the health inspector visits the booth as well and part of many booths seem are part-time.
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>> it's a saving for college and some spending money. >> throughout the weekend has been pretty slow but yesterday we finally saw the first major crowds where we couldn't really even see the street anymore. >> the flow has been good, it has been steady. >> chicago minister has a positive take on the lower numbers and lesser known entertainment. >> sales are loaded down but we feel that the total experience that people have had come to the taste of chicago has been wonderful, the entertainment that we have has been critically acclaimed but as in years past it has not drawn huge crowds that we have seen before and that was intentional. >> and attendees are just fine with the way it is. >> they have a better way out
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now. >> not very busy right now but it is the last day so i think a lot of people have already gotten in it. >> i come here for the food, not the music. >> maybe the crowds are down but it does not seem that way from walking down the street, it is still pretty packed. it is all in one place, you can attest to that by looking around at these folks happy as can be. >> and some sections of garfield park conservatory are back in business after damage from storms shut the facility downs hailed shatter the glass roof on thursday night and exhibits were also damaged including the popular recent innovations added shatter resistant glass. the total cleanup bill could reach
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$5 million. and your live illinois lottery drawing is coming up next. >> your holiday cookout forecast and it is a good one. >> tonight on instant replay, the hostilities have come to a close and the cubs and the sox finished off. a face saver for the men in blue. on chicago's all-star selection there are not many and sox fans in particular should be excited about this. a booming junior golf program in tonight's alexis long drive and if you want to be a wimbledon champ you have to change your diet. roadtrip. vegas. vegas! now?! [ female announcer ] two hours to vegas. two hours to whiten. ♪ ♪
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we have some clouds to deal with but they should be dry. if you're going down by the lake front there may be at hand of a lake breeze that will keep the air temperature down by the waterfront a little chilly air that water temperature is only 68 degrees. look at the clubs we had today these were debris clouds that fired in iowa. the air is very dry compared to what it was just yesterday the two points have fallen substantially and we will look at those in a moment. the high this afternoon was 83 in chicago but this morning we actually touched 84 degrees 83 is about the normal for this day. you may have noticed those very high temperatures down in arizona 112 today in phoenix that believe it or not was the cool down. there were 118 yesterday. look at these temperatures across the midwest or least across the chicago area tonight.
9:28 pm
it wins have come down substantially but notice that he continues out for parts of arizona and mexico here in the midwest we are thinking mostly low to mid '80s for most of this coming week but by next weekend as possible we could get to 90 degrees. kankakee hit 93 today. the area is much drier,, wednesday reported at many stations around the area. i mentioned the the debris clouds from the storms out to our west but notice what blowup down to parts of southern illinois. there were 137 reports of strong and when some of those close to
9:29 pm
storms which late radar suggested begun to diminish rapidly. if you have relatives in southern illinois or perhaps are traveling these storms are dissipating and moving out of the pitcher more storms may fire somewhere in that area to marcella that is an area we're keeping a watch on. the cold front is not going to bring any rain in here tuesday probably but we could see showers and tuesday. here's our forecast for tonight: monday mostly cloudy with a shower far south. not a problem for the city's metro area. tuesday a few clouds patches with highs 86 to perhaps 90 degrees in some areas. a look at these temperatures, very
9:30 pm
typical for the month of july. a lot of clouds expected for the week ahead. the chance of showers may be early on wednesday just as the a big day for chicago-based boeing. >> where they arrive to go into service. beth! hi.
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[ cackling ] he's my ride home. how much can the snapshot discount save you? call or click today. fall in, gentlemen! we're going back to training. a stain, vaughn?! a ketchup stain?! how dare you disrespect me, your country and your mama?! i guess the guy just wants to bring his lunch with him. do you have something to say about the stain, vaughn?! sir! what stain, sir?! vaughn, that -- oh! what'd they do send me a daggone
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houdini?! [ male announcer ] tide to go. it's tide. to the rescue. to combat tough stains at home try tide stain release pre-treat spray. tipped the cracks run hand as the new boeing 787 and three minor cuts down in tokyo for the first time this morning it will be the first commercial airline in the world to operate the jet from the chicago-based company the test will be conducted over the next five days to make sure the plan is compatible with a fuel and boarding facilities. japan airlines ordered another 35. >> britain's prince william and wife catherine duchess of cambridge are in quebec city today, they joined the crew of the naval ship h m c s montreal
9:34 pm
for a worship service later the royal shook hands with supporters in spite of the anti monarchists protesters nearby. the newlyweds are on a 10 day tour of canada and tableland and loss angeles later this week. >> from the dark of the moon to the top of the box office is a big weekend for a sci-fi blockbuster. transformers' dark of the moon brought in over $7 million of the first three days of the four day holiday weekend. here are some of the other box office winners. what do you think? we'd
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9:38 pm
rescuing and used foods from the taste of chicago and a vendor's earlier this evening the food will be distributed to a soup kitchens, food pantries and shelters. >> much-needed donations. >> that is the news for this sunday night. >> instant replay with dan roan is coming up next have a good night. >> happy fourth.
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